What does ethics at work mean to employees? Launch of IBE survey report “Ethics at Work: 2018 survey of employees – France”

One in six employees in Europe (16%) say that they have felt some form of pressure to compromise their organizations ethical standards, according to a recent survey released by the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE). The number of employees experiencing this pressure has risen in all of the countries for which historical data is available. The IBE notes that the Ethics at Work: 2018 survey of empl ...

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How to “sell” CSR in large companies

Based on an interview with Frank de Bakker and on his paper “Pitching for Social Change: Toward a Relational Approach to Selling and Buying Social Issues” (Academy of Management Discoveries, 2018), co-written with Christopher Wickert (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). Corporate social responsibility is high on any large company’s agenda, but it needs to be accepted at every level of the organization ...

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