Fourth edition of the ICOR Prize: 1st prize awarded to thesis on social intrapreneurship & talent attraction/retention

Each year, IÉSEG and its Center of excellence for Organizational Responsibility (ICOR) organize a competition to recognize the best Master’s thesis by an IÉSEG student in the fields of organizational ethics, social responsibility and sustainability.


For the fourth edition of the prize, a panel of academic (all members of ICOR) experts recently evaluated 16 theses in order to select the best three (in terms of academic criteria). A committee of professionals then elected the winner among the finalists.

On Tuesday, March 5th, the first prize was awarded to Marie Sipos (who will officially graduate from the School in May 2019) for her work entitled “Relationships between social intrapreneurship, people’s motivations and company attraction and retention” (with her thesis directors Professors Elise Marescaux & Bryant Hudson). As part of this research, which aimed to understand how social intrapreneurship could attract and retain talents in the companies, she interviewed 35 people aged between 20 to 35 years old about their work motivations, their opinions on social engagement, intrapreneurship, and various themes.

The prize for the 2019 winner was €2,000: €1,000 for Marie and the remaining € 1,000 for a non-profit organization or social enterprise of her choice. She plans to give the money to the Institut Curie, which is working to find cures to different types of cancer.

“Social intrapreneurship is a new way of working that aims to solve a current issue: that of meaning at work. I am delighted to receive this prize, and delighted that IÉSEG promotes a sustainable economy and rewards CSR-related projects,” Marie explained.

The two other finalists were Anne Rameau for her thesis on “Investors Motivations for Impact Investing” (with professor Daniela Laurel-Fois) and Laure-Ruth Ngimbous Batjom for her thesis on “CSR disclosure tone and investors’ decision” (with Professor Lies Bouten).

The ICOR award presentation took place during a conference/debate in French on the topic of “inspiring and implementing a sustainable transition” in the context of the IÉSEG CSR Day. This included interventions from Isabelle Anton, Director of DDO Consulting, Jean-Pierre Haemmerlein, Director of the Decathlon Foundation, and Jan Noterdaeme, Co-founder of CSR Europe. Following these interventions, there were several debates on these topics.