IÉSEG to propose a new Master in Management for Sustainability from September 2022

Through its 2025 Vision, IÉSEG has given an essential place to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development (SD) in its strategy, its activities, its research and its programs. After having rethought the way CSR and SD are taught in all the programs, to provide a more transversal teaching approach emphasizing the business models and the transformation of organizations to implement them, IÉSEG now moves a step further to launch for the next academic year (September 2022) a new program specifically dedicated to CSR and SD: the Master in Management for Sustainability.

This Master’s program, that will be directed by ICOR Coordinator Frank de Bakker,  is designed for purpose-driven students who are concerned about sustainable development issues and who wish to become managers capable of implementing solutions that meet the challenges of tomorrow in the professional world.

Managing the full range of sustainability risks and challenges is top-of-mind for business leaders. This means making day-to-day decisions that, for example, ensure water quality, tackle climate change, advance green technology, engage with stakeholders, innovate for food and validate social compliance for fair labor practices.

Find out more about  this program via this article and the IESEG website.