Jules MARTINA offers pro-bono consulting and campaigns for UMEED, an Indian social venture

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In 2020, UMEED aims to serve more than 90 women originating from unprivileged backgrounds. Through their FirstLeap program, UMEED aims to empower them, make them employment ready and include them into the Indian workforce. The women at UMEED need YOUR help to make this happen : https://bit.ly/3bn9yio !

UMEED, a social venture based in Hyderabad, India. The venture creates social impact by helping women from low income communities- morally, socially and financially, through a training program that focuses on their skill building and developing values and mind-set. The organisation helps to empower them to take better control of their lives.

Since 2014, more than 150 women have been successfully trained through UMEED’s community workshops. It is through such workshops and a total of 2 months trainings that the women gain skills, overcome cultural barriers and encourage themselves to participate in the Indian workforce. The women often get access to employment in enterprises or develop their own businesses after completing their training at UMEED.

But those 2 months of trainings have a cost, and it is through this crowdfunding campaign that you can help them. Every participation, and every share, will allow UMEED to help this community of women to seek a brighter future. As a junior consultant, Jules MARTINA, a Master student at IÉSEG School of Management, is offering pro bono service to UMEED and its co-founder, Udita Chadha to raise funds in order to help the social venture pursue its training activities. Jules says, “So far, the project has helped me gain knowledge on social entrepreneurship, which is also the main topic of my dissertation

Jules and the women at UMEED are counting on you! Donate to their campaign here: https://bit.ly/3bn9yio«