Video: A new model of corporate mindfulness

Julie Bayle-Cordier is a professor of strategy and sustainability and a member of ICOR. She was recently interviewed, as part of the School’s 60-seconds Inside Research videos, about her latest research on corporate mindfulness, coauthored with Paul Rouvelin, Azadeh Savoli and João Vieira da Cunha*.

The researchers carried out a systematic literature review of research on corporate mindfulness in management journals published between 1999 and January 2020.

From this work they propose a model that links different streams of the literature on corporate mindfulness: the individual, group level, organizational and societal level approaches to mindfulness. In connecting these approaches, they show that the individual level benefits of mindfulness such as improved employee wellbeing, emotional regulation or decision making can in fact enhance group processes such as group social dynamics and leadership processes.

View the video :

*The full research paper on the Canadian Journal of Administrative Sciences can be viewed here: