2017 ICOR Award Ceremony for the best IÉSEG Master Thesis

On April 19, ICOR and IÉSEG, with the support of the Foundation of the Université Catholique de Lille, have awarded the second ‘ICOR Award for the Best IESEG Master Thesis in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, Organizational Ethics, or Sustainability’.

The master’s theses were first evaluated by lÉSEG professors, all members of ICOR, in order to select the best 3 (in terms of academic criteria). These were then judged by a panel of external experts who formed the Practioners jury and included Joséphine BIERNACKI, (Groupe Damartex), Cécile DELIVRE (Fondation IDKIDS), and Maël LAGADEC (Sustainalytics).

The 2017 ICOR ICORaward2017_Photo2Award was awarded to student Jade TISSIER for her work entitled: “Sustainability and access to capital: An investigation of the crowdfunding of sustainable firms” (Thesis director: Daniela LAUREL-FOIS).

Thanks to the support of the Foundation of the Université Catholique de Lille, a prize of €2.000 was awarded: €1.000 for Jade and the other € 1,000 for a non-profit organization or social enterprise of her choice. Jade Tissier decided to give the money to Perús Shoes, a brand of shoes which are handmade by artisans in Peru (For each pair of shoes sold one day of school for disadvantaged children in Cuzco, Peru is financed).

The two other finalists were Charlotte AVRIL for her thesis on the effects of work-life balance policies on employees’ well-being in France and Nicolas PAGNON, who carried out his thesis on the characteristics and factors associated with income inequality in European countries.


Picture, from left to right: Jean-Philippe Ammeux (Director of the IÉSEG School of Management), Arthur Framaut (recipient of the IÉSEG Certificate in Business Ethics and Sustainable Organizations), Daniela Laurel-Fois (Jade Tissier’s thesis director, accepting the award on her behalf), and Nicolas Pagnon (ICOR award finalist and recipient of the IÉSEG Certificate in Business Ethics and Sustainable Organizations).



The ICOR award presentation took place during a conference/debate on the topic of “Basic Income: towards a fair and free society?” This included interventions from Philippe VAN PARIJS (Université de Louvain), co-founder of the Basic Income Earth Network and Jean-Eric HYAFIL (Sorbonne University), co-founder of the French movement « Mouvement Français pour un Revenu de Base (MFRB) ». Their talks were followed by debates with members of the School’s student associations ENACTUS and LA TRIBUNE.

Photo: Philippe Van Parijs (Université de Louvain)

Article on Ethics at the IÉSEG School of Management

In the context of the Ethique à l’Université catholique de Lille, aiming at inventorying and creating connections between people interested in ethics at the Catho level, an article about IÉSEG’s business ethics engagement was published on the initiative’s blog.

Read the blog post about IESEG’s business ethics engagement here


A seminar on Ethics at the Université Catholique de Lille is organized at the Maison des Chercheurs (Lille) on May 4, 14:00-18:00. More information about the seminar is available here.

First students complete the Certificate in Business Ethics and Sustainable Organizations

IÉSEG is committed to providing students a solid generalist management education that is grounded in strong ethical values. IÉSEG notably decided to offer Master students of its Grande Ecole program, from any of the 9 specialized tracks of management, the possibility to follow and complete a Certificate in Business Ethics and Sustainable Organizations.  To complete the certificate, students must carry out a series of academic (coursework and thesis) and practical (including internship) assignments related to corporate social responsibility (CSR), business ethics or sustainability issues, which involve professors and experts from different management disciplines.

This year, the first students who have fulfilled all the requirements will receive the certificate. One of these students is Nicolas Pagnon. « I was very interested by the professors and other experts that I had the opportunity to meet during the certificate. This also gave me the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the key players and issues in these fields, and to highlight on my CV my interest in the issues I covered in the certificate, in parallel with my degree”. Nicolas followed electives on topics such as ‘Business sustainable development,” “International development and management of NGOs,” and “Applied conflict management theory,” in addition to doing his thesis on a CSR-related topic.

François Maon, associate professor of CSR and co-director of ICOR, adds: « We are delighted that the first students have now completed this interdisciplinary initiative carried out in the framework of ICOR activities. We are confident that increasing numbers of students will take part over to this initiative in the next years. Challenges linked to corporate, social and environmental responsibility, sustainable innovation, managerial ethics and questions concerning the raison d’être of organizations are increasingly integrated in the programs we offer. More than ever, they are indeed of primary importance for our students and the organizations they will work for in their future career ».


Second edition of the ICOR Award for the best IÉSEG Master Thesis

Pursuing further its objective of contributing to the development of a flourishing, fair and sustainable society, IÉSEG School of Management and the IÉSEG Center for Organizational Responsibility (ICOR), are organizing the second ICOR Award for the Best IÉSEG Master Thesis in the Field of Organizational Ethics, Social Responsibility and/or Sustainability.

Students chatting at IÉSEGAll master students (Programme Grande Ecole + specialized MScs) who have defended a thesis on a related topic between August 2015 and August 2016 are encouraged to submit their work to the competition.

There is a €2.000 prize to win (€1.000 for student, €1.000 to be donated to a social organization)

Submission deadline: September 30, 2016

For more information, download our guidelines


For any questions, please contact: ICORthesisaward@ieseg.fr

Led By Her Ceremony 2016

DSC_5782On July 4th 2016, 25 women from the association Led By Her attended a special ceremony in La Grande Arche (Paris) to receive a IESEG certificate confirming completion of their studies in entrepreneurship.

The ceremony was opened by IESEG Director, Jean Philippe Ammeux, with some strong words of admiration for the entrepreneurial participants and sincere appreciation for all Led By Her contributors and supporters.


The specialist entrepreneurship education program, the first of its kind in France, is directed by IESEG professor Dr. Janice Byrne and designed in partnership with ESCP Europe.  The programme, which is now in its second year, extends over a 10 month period and is designed for women whose lives have been touched by domestic, sexual or psychological violence and who seek to start their own business. Participants hail from a range of backgrounds, ensuring an eclectic mix of culture, language, experience, education and age in the classroom.

The programme constitutes a total of 298 in-class contact hours and involves over 65 facilitators, 15 of whom are full time permanent faculty at IESEG.  Programme content includes personal development workshops, as well as marketing, finance and entrepreneurship modules.  Over the course of the year the women also engaged in a number of entrepreneurship related events and networking occasions, including the ESCP entrepreneurship festival, a prototype development and roundtable event hosted by Google as well as a special ‘international women’s day’ event in plot H.

This year, IESEG students have joined in the Led By Her enthusiasm, with 4 students from our Paris campus participating in the Hackathon hosted by Orange in June. Numerous members of IESEG’s administrative staff also support the program.  Through the course of the program, Led By Her participants are continuously supported by an individual mentor, helping them gain the most from their experience and develop their individual project venture at their own pace. All contributors – IESEG faculty, external facilitators, mentors, communications, fundraising and administrative staff – participate on a voluntary basis, willingly dedicating their time and energy to this inspiring educational project.