« Academic Prize in Management Research » Nomination

ICOR members Dr. Catherine Janssen and Pr. Valérie Swaen are nominated for the 7th FNEGE « Academic Prize in Management Research »(Prix Académique de la Recherche en Management) in the category Marketing/Decision Sciences for their article entitled « Playing with fire: Aggravating and buffering effects of ex ante CSR communication campaigns for companies facing allegations of social irresponsibility », to be published in Marketing Letters (see http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s11002-014-9290-5).

This article is co-authored by Guido Berens (Erasmus University) and Joëlle Vanhamme (EDHEC Business School). Winners will be designated on April 9, 2015: http://www.avenir-etudes-conseil.com/uploads/Les%20articles%20et%20ouvrages%20pr%C3%A9s%C3%A9lectionn%C3%A9s%20en%202015.pdf