ICOR-INENT Research Seminar – Daniel Hjorth and Elodie Dessy

For starting this academic year, we’ll discuss different facets of Social Entrepreneurship in the context of a joint ICOR-INENT Seminar. We’ll have the pleasure to host Daniel Hjorth, Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark, and Lund University, School of Economics and Management, Sweden, and adjunct professor at Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University, Japan. He is the former Editor-in-Chief of Organization Studies, and serves as Art Review Editor for Business Ethics Quarterly. His research and publications are centered on philosophy and business, art and management, and aesthetics and organization while empirically investigating organizational creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation. He will present his paper in development “The Poetics of Imagined Lives: Desire, Imagination and Fabulation in Social Entrepreneuring” co-authored with Mollie Painter (Nottingham Trent University)(abstract available here).

Following, Elodie Dessy, post-doctoral researcher at Iéseg, with research interests on philanthropy, social-mission platforms and boundary work, will present her paper in development: “Should they stay or should they go? The interplay of divergent boundary work strategies in shaping field renewal in Belgian philanthropy” co-authored with Benjamin Huybrechts (Iéseg) and Danielle Logue (USNW Sydney) (abstract available here).

ICOR-INENT Research Seminar – by Jean Clarke & Bryant Hudson

For the last seminar of the semester, we will have the pleasure to discuss entrepreneurial storytelling and organizational dis(u)topia in the context of a joint ICOR-INENT Seminar. We will host Jean Clarke (Emlyon Business School) who will present her paper “: Pitching to make sense: How entrepreneurs and investors create entrepreneurial stories in situated interactions” (abstracts available here).

Then, Bryant Hudson (IÉSEG) present his research project “Technologies, Organizing and Senior Citizens: Utopian dystopia or dystopic utopia?” co-authored with Lin Dong (IÉSEG), Farah Kodeih (IÉSEG) and Romain Vacquier (Toulouse School of Management).

ICoN-ICOR Research Seminar – by Justin Perrettson

We will host our first ICoN-ICOR Seminar on April 20th, with Justin Perrettson, Chair of the Environment and Energy Commission of The International Chamber of Commerce, and Head of Sustainability Partnerships at Novozymes, an Industrial Biotechnology company and the World leader in enzymes and microorganisms.

He will discuss the role of business in the United Nation’s climate negotiations and their potential strategies for an effective engagement. An abstract of his talk can be found here

ICOR Research Seminar – by Maxim Voronov

For our next ICOR seminar on April 13th, Maxim Voronov (Schulich School of Business) will uncover the meanings of global crisis through an institutional perspective, whilst presenting his paper “Inhabiting a Global Crisis an Institutional Lens,” co-authored with Gerardo Patriotta (University of Bath). (abstract available here).

ICOR Research Seminar – by Haitao Yu & Habofanoe Polaki

On March 30th, indigenous organizations’ acts of resilience and of institutional translation will be at the center of the discussions in our next ICOR Seminar. First, Haitao Yu (IESEG) will present his paper “Place-Based Resources and Resilience: The Case of a First Nation Heritage Center in Canada”, co-authored with Tima Bansal (Ivey Business School) and Diane-Larue Arjalies (Ivey Business School).

Then, Habofanoe Polaki (IESEG) will present his research project “Institutional Translation Ad Infinitum: Localizing Hiv/Aids Relief In Lesotho”, co-authored with Farrah Kodeih (IESEG) and Wim Van Lent (IESEG).

ICOR Research Seminar – by Janna Rose & Tapiwa Seremani

On January 26th, the potential of Social change through translation or transgression will be addressed in our next ICOR Seminar. First, Janna Rose (Grenoble Ecole de Management) will present her paper “International Monsanto Tribunal’s Prefigurative Translation: Connecting Alternative Initiatives and Structural Impact”, co-authored with Marcos Barros (Grenoble Ecole de Management) (abstract available here).

Then, Tapiwa Seremani (IESEG) will present his research project “From fun to immoral: Transgression and moral boundaries negotiated around a material object”, co-authored with Carine Farias (IESEG).

ICOR Research Seminar – by Lisa Buchter & Lucas Amaral

On November 24th, ICOR will receive Lisa Buchter (Emlyon) for discussing cooperative housing, based on her paper “Reorganizing domestic chores in Cooperative Housing: Rule reflexivity and the transformation of domestic spheres” (abstract available here).

Then, Lucas Amaral (IESEG) will present her research project on racism in social media, titled: ““I’m not racist, they’re just Facebook jokes: How organizations deal with viral racist incidents”, co-authored with Susan Cooper (King’s Business School, King’s College London). The abstract is available here.

ICOR Research Seminar – by Gazi Islam & Paulami Mitra

On November 7thmicrofinance will be at the center of the next ICOR Seminar’s discussions. First, Gazi Islam (Grenoble Ecole de Management) will present his research, co-authored with Rose Bote Ntondumu (Neoma Business School) and Tao Wang (Kyoto University), titled: “All Aboard? Discretionary work by Frontline Workers” (abstract available here).

Then, Paulami Mitra (IESEG) will present her research project “The impact of microfinance on women: A case-study on Peru”, co-authored with Juliette Louatron (IESEG), Thaïs Rolland, and Loïc Plé (IESEG).

ICOR Research Seminar – by John Hegarty & Wim van Lent

On September 23rd, an ICOR Seminar will take place on the theme of managers’ ethics. John Hegarty (IESEG) will present his paper entitled « On becoming a good manager”, followed by Wim van Lent (IESEG) who will present his paper “Soul-searching in the archives: Crisis, Temporality and Path dependence”. Wim van Lent’s abstract is available here.